Mancera Aoud Vanilla 2 ml

Mancera Aoud Vanilla 2 ml


Mancera is a modern luxury brand of exclusive perfumery, founded by two architects, and Pierre Mansera oversaw the work of the entire company. He also took care of the fragrance bottles, ordering the perfume to be sharpened in durable high-quality glass, developed by his order. Aoud Vanille is a perfume released in 2015. Montal himself pored over its development, so the aroma turned out to be very effective and bright, rich and luxurious. It contains, of course, the sweet aphrodisiac oud, bitter saffron and pepper, spicy cardamom, sweet vanilla, woody guaiac and tart-sweet sandalwood, as well as floral notes that unfold in the middle of all amber.

Top notes:

cardamom, oud, black pepper, saffron

Heart notes:

floral notes

Base notes:

vanilla , sandalwood , guaiac wood

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