Swiss Arabian Layali

Swiss Arabian Layali


Layali is inspired by a woman who embraces everything that is alluring and everything that fascinates those who know her.

Layali is an intense fruity-floral scent that showcases the precious oud in its heart. The opening of a dark, luscious plum is complemented by the sheer beauty of orange flowers with their springy green floral notes. Musky black currant flows smoothly into a feminine bouquet of flowers, with soft notes of ylang-ylang, inferior to roses and creamy jasmine. A drop of gold slowly appears in the heart of this dreamy oasis. The cherished oud spreads its rays like the sun's rays, bringing warmth and intensity. It merges with amber and brings its unique richness to the fore, embracing you in a heavenly scent all day long.

Layali is a concentrated perfume oil especially suitable for warmer months.


50ml (Drinking - 5 ml) - 800 p

Layali Perfume Oil Swiss Arabian is classified as a unisex fragrance and belongs to the Floral and Oriental families.